Flipper Performance

Flipper Calculator
Input Output
Metric (kg, mm)
English (pounds, inches)
Peak height of launched load (meters)

Peak velocity of launched load (meters/sec)
Force at flipper tip Acceleration (meters/sec^2)
Flipper travel at tip Flipper travel time (seconds)
Flipper load Work (joules)
Power (watts)
This Javascript application was designed to calculate the performance of flipper weapons on combat robots. It assumes the flipper moves vertically with constant force and no limitation on speed. Keep in mind when using CO2 gas the opening speed will be limited by valve orifice size, tubing size and other factors. It also assumes your flipper is being used in the gravitational field of Earth. Not valid for other planets. To use, check which input units your want to use; Metric (kg/mm) or English (pounds/inches). Then, enter the force at the flippers tip, total vertical travel and the weight of the load it will be launching and click COMPUTE.
A product of Dales Homemade Robots, Copyright 2004 by Dale A. Heatherington

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