Flywheel Energy

Flywheel Energy Calculator
Input Output
Metric (grams, mm)
English (ounces, inches)
Disk KE (joules)
Inertia (kg*m²)
Mass Ring KE (joules)
Inertia (kg*m²)
Diameter Centrifugal Force (G)
RPM Surface Speed (M/sec)
This is a simple Javascript energy calculator for small flywheels. It computes kinetic energy values for ideal disk or ring flywheel configurations. Most real flywheels will fall somewhere in between due to the hub and spokes. Flywheel mass and diameter can be specifed in Metric (grams/millimeters) or English units (ounces/inches). Output is Metric only. Check Metric or English, enter mass, diameter and rpm values then click COMPUTE.
A product of Dales Homemade Robots, Copyright 2004 by Dale A. Heatherington