Full Body Spinner Experiment


Test spinner

This is a Feb. 28th 2007 demonstation video of an experimental full body spinning robot that can spin while translating across the floor. The entire robot spins, not just a shell. Linear translation is done by stalling each of the 3 wheels briefly at the same angle on each revolution. The bot pivots around the stalled wheel which causes linear motion. An infrared beam from the controller is used as a fixed directional reference. I used an Atmel ATMEGA8535 microcontroller for the “brains” and a 38khz IR remote control receiver module for the directional reference detector. Relays control the motors. There is no motor speed control. Direction control information is transmitted at 900 mhz by radio. I believe the radio can be replaced by using the IR beam to also send the control data.

I ‘m planning a 30# battle worthy version for Dragon Con Robot Battles.




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