Rocket City Robot Assault 2004

On Memorial Day weekend (May 29-30 2004) I drove 175 miles to the Rocket City Robot Assault held in Huntsville Alabama. About 140 robots in weight classes from 1 to 220 pounds were entered in the two day event. Thrasher was entered in the 1lb class. The 150 gram, 1lb and 3lb competed in an 8 foot square arena. Bots weighing 12 pounds and up used the large arena with it's 1/2 inch Lexan walls, 1/4 inch steel floor and railroad tie bumpers. Small and large arena competitions were held in alternating 2 to 3 hour sessions. This event attracted some of the best combat bots from all over the eastern and central US.

Thrasher performed well but did not place. We won 5 and lost 2. The first loss was to "Howard Dean", a crude but very effective wide wedge. Thrasher flipped him once but soon became trapped on the wedge and was dumped into the pit. The second loss was to a nicely built drum spinner named "Twitch". The match was lost mainly due to the 9000 rpm drum of Twitch causing damage to Thrashers gear motors. The impact drove the gearbox output shaft through a plastic thrust bearing and into the actual motor shaft. Acting as a pin punch it forced the motor shaft backward causing the small pinion gear to slip off the motor shaft. After this happend to both motors Thrasher could no longer move and was counted out. I have since repaired both motors and will change the wheel attachment coupler to prevent this from happening again.

In the large arena there were two events of major destruction. The 220 pound Shrederator totally destroyed Super Fly. Mad Dog defeated middle weight Kill Joy in a spectacular shower of white hot sparks. Click here to see the spectacular video and photos of Kill Joy vs Mad Dog .

Large Arena Highlights

Small Arena Hightlights



Best Inn
Where I stayed. Best Inn, Huntsville
Lowe Mill. Enter here...

The pits
Little piece of hate
Lionel Vogt with gas engine powered Little Piece of Hate
Eric Posey and 12# Chigger
Mr. Fun
60# Mr. Fun
The awesome 220# Shrederator recharging. Note 92lb shell spinner weapon on floor.
Dark Striker
120# class Dark Striker
Howard Dean
1# Ant class "Howard Dean". This bot took 1st place in it's class.
Dark Pounder
1# Dark Pounder
A little Spam
1# Drum spinner Twitch
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder
Punke Out Puppy 1# Spinner Punked Out Puppy
1# Haze
Judges and Announcer Kelly Lockhart
Arena for 12# to 220# classes. It has 1/2 inch Lexan walls and a 1/4 inch steel floor with RR tie bumpers.

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