South Eastern Ant and Beetle Championship 2003

South Eastern Ant and Beetle Championship 2003
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November 15th 2003, High Springs FL

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Amdroid-A won first place at The Southeastern Ant and Beetle Championship

Amdroid-A with trophies

Amdroid-A with trophies

I drove 350 miles to enter Amdroid-A in the Southeastern Ant and Beetle Championship event in High Springs Florida. The weather was perfect for robotic combat, sunny and 75 degrees. Amdroid-A had five one-on-one fights and a rumble event. We won all of them. The 8x8 foot arena had no hazards or push-outs so most matches were judges decisions. Points were scored based on control, aggression, hits and pins. Amdroid-A dominated every opponent and won by wide margins. We also won the "Best Engineered Bot" trophy by popular vote. Amdroids overall record is now 14 wins and zero losses taking first place in 3 events. This bot has performed much better that I ever expected.

Highlights Video


The Arena




Some Ant and Beetle bots

Ants are 1 pound and Beetles are 3 pounds.


charles Amdroid-A pit area
Babe Best Case Scenario
Babe the Blue Bot (Ant) Best Case Scenario (Beetle)
Cousin It BoB
Cousin It (Ant) BoB (Big ol' Blade) (Beetle)
Flounder Coffee Grinder
Flounder (Ant) Coffee Grinder (Beetle)
Old Reliable Crouton of Death
Old Reliable(Ant) Crouton of Death (Beetle)
First Place in Beetle class
Pyramid of death Pyramid of death
Pyramid of Death (Beetle) Pyramid of Death (Beetle)
Little Thwacker Rain
Little Thwacker (Ant) Rain (Ant)
Destroyer Aim & Maim
Destroyer(Ant) Aim & Maim (Beetle)
Fir Darrig
Fir Darrig
Second place Beetle class
VCA vs Cousin It Fir Darrig vs BoB
VCA tips the hat (Cousin It) Fir Darrig forces BoB out of the arena
Pyramid vs Best case Scenaro Crouton vs Best Case Scenario
Pyramid corners Best Case Scenario Crouton of Death faces Best Case Scenario


More photos here at team TestBotsSEABC web page. Charles took second place with VCA (Very Crude Ant).


Hit of the day: BoB vs Aim & Maim


Ant elimination tree

Ant Elimination Tree



Beetle Elimination Tree