The Capitol Offense - 2003

Dales "The Capital Offense, 2003" Photo Album
July 26th 2003, Tallahassee FL

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Amdroid-A won first place at The Capital Offense

Amdroid-A with 1st place trophy

Amdroid-A went into The Capital Offense as a rookie and came out a winner. We had five fights and won them all with ease. The 4x8 foot arena had no hazards or push-outs so most matches were judges decisions. Points were scored based on control, aggression, hits and pins. Amdroid-A had no trouble pinning opponents to the wall and did this frequently. Amdroid-A performed better than I expected. The movie (below) shows a typical fight where Amdroid-A dominated the opponent with repeated hits and pins for the full 3 minutes. We did not get to fight Chiang Shih (spinning bar weapon) so our armor is still untested, however my confidence in Amdroid-A has improved after this event. Amdroid-A will fight next at Dragon*Con Microbattles in Atlanta on labor day weekend.

  • Movie: Amdroid-A vs Babe the Blue Bot (3.1 meg, RealPlayer format)

  • Movie: Highlights of several TCO battles (4.2 meg, RealPlayer format)


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Some Ant and Beetle bots

Ants are 1 pound and Beetles are 3 pounds.


Fir Darrig Lowbotomy
Fir Darrig (Beetle) Lowbotomy (Beetle)
Babe the Blue Bot Chiang Shih
Babe the Blue Bot (Ant) Chiang Shih (Ant)
Hamster Ball of Death Heat Wave
Hamster Ball of Death (Ant) Heat Wave (Ant)
Zimon the wedgechuck NeQuiDo (Never Quite Done)
Zimon the Wedge Chuck (Beetle, 1st place) NeQuiDo (Beetle)

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